Cinecittà World theme park set to open

Movie theme park located in Castel Romano

The long-awaited theme park dedicated to the magic of cinema will be opened on 16 July along Via Pontina in the Castel Romano area, about 10 km from EUR, south of Rome.

Designed by Oscar-winning art director Dante Ferretti, the 25-hectare Cinecittà World features high-tech attractions, real and virtual roller coasters, aquatic shows such as "Super Splash", giant elephant rides and spaces dedicated to cinematic special effects.

The park is entered throw the jaws of the sabre-toothed Temple of Moloch, from the 1914 Italian silent film Cabiria, while the promenade is inspired by the more recent Martin Scorsese movie Gangs of New York which was filmed at Rome's Cinecittà.

It describes itself on its website as being a place that transports visitors into the "imagination of cinema".

The idea for the park was first conceived in 2003 but its opening has been delayed by red tape and numerous set backs since then. Behind the initiative is Cinecitta' Parchi made up of a consortium of prominent Italin entrepreneurs including Tods boss Diego Della Valle, and film producer Aurelio De Laurentiis.

The theme park is located just across the street from the Castel Romano shopping mall while about 8 km south in Pomezia is Zoomarine, a park offering water rides and dolphin shows. 

For more details on Cinecittà World and how to get there see website.

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Address Via di Castel Romano 200, 00128 Castel Romano

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Cinecittà World theme park set to open

Via di Castel Romano 200, 00128 Castel Romano