In time for the 1 May-day public holiday weekend, the Rome bus company ATAC is re-introducing buses to the beach.

The 062 Mare 1 which runs from the tourist port at Ostia Lido to the public beaches on Lungomare Amerigo Vespucci at Castelporziano, will run from 06.45 -22.00 from the port to Castelporziano and from 7.30 -22.45 from Castelporziano to the port. The buses will run every 23 minutes until 1 June, every 13 minutes from 1 June until 24 June and every ten minutes on weekdays and every five minutes on weekends and holidays from 24 June until 3 September.

The Mare 2 will initially run on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. It will run from the Colombo railway stop on the Roma-Lido line and will follow the Via Litoranea to Torvaianica. The bus will run every ten minutes from 07.40 -21.00 from Colombo to Torvaianica and from 08.08 -21.28 from Torvaianica to Colombo. Starting on 29 May a jumbo bus will run this route on weekdays, once every 30 minutes until 9 June and then once every 15 minutes until 23 June.

The 070 Express bus which normally connects the Viale America in EUR with the railway station Colombo on the Roma Lida line will continue to Torvaianica on weekends and holidays from Saturday 29 April. The buses from Viale America will run every 30 minutes from 07.00 20.00 and from 8.23 -20.00 from Torvaianica. From 27 May this service will also be offered on weekdays.