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Barilla launches the 'Playlist Timer' on Spotify

Music playlists as timers for the exact duration of pasta cooking minutes.

Barilla has launched the "Playlist Timer" on Spotify.  They are music playlists that function as kitchen timers, curated to accompany home chefs for the exact duration of the minutes required to cook a perfect al dente pasta.Also read: Top 10 most famous pasta dishes

The secret to cooking pasta to perfection lies in the cooking time, which is why Barilla, in collaboration with Spotify, is launching "Playlist Timer", musical collections whose duration corresponds to the cooking time of each pasta shape.  “Playlist Timer” wants to be the ideal soundtrack to a journey through flavors of cuisine and music from around the world.

The eight playlists, ranging in length from 9 to 11 minutes, have been created by combining the four most listened to musical genres in Italy: pop, hip hop, indie and great classics of the past, associated with some of the pasta formats most appreciated by Italians: spaghetti, linguine, fusilli and penne.

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The branded playlists are a gift from Barilla designed for all those who see cooking as a form of art and entertainment, and who take advantage of the minutes of cooking to listen to good music, entertain themselves and not have to worry about watching a clock.  When the music stops, the cooking is complete and perfectly al dente.

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With the eight "Playlist Timer" collections, Barilla transforms Spotify into the most symphonic of kitchen timers, a perfect and modern synthesis between utility and art, also thanks also to the original covers of the collections, created by Italian artists of international caliber such as, Emiliano Ponzi, Van Orton, Alessandro Baronciani, Mauro Gatti, Carol Rollo, Nicola "Nico189" Laurora, Fernando Cobelo and Andrea Mongia. Also curious are the names of the playlists that characterize the musical selections for example, ”Mixtape Spaghetti", "Boom Bap Fusilli", "Pleasant Melancholy Penne", "Moody Day Linguine", "Top Hits Spaghetti", "Best Song Penne", "Timeless Emotion Fusilli" and "Simply Classics Linguine".

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Within teach playlist you will come across the most listened to songs on Spotify for, along with some lesser known tunes, always combined, though, to be the perfect length for each type of pasta.  So fork in hand and volume up!

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