Australian woman raped, robbed in Rome

Sexual assault and robbery took place in Colle Oppio area of Rome.

A police investigation is underway after a 49-year-old Australian woman was raped, beaten and robbed late on 2 October in the Colle Oppio district of central Rome.

Reports suggest that the woman, who is recovering in Rome's S. Giovanni hospital, was assaulted by more than one man, as well as being robbed of her money, jewellery and mobile phone.

Initial reports said the assault happened after the woman left a club near Termini station in the company of a man. However, in an interview with local newspaper Il Messaggero, the victim said the attack occurred after she stopped to ask a man directions to her hotel.

The assault took place on Viale delle Terme di Traiano, on the edge of the Colle Oppio park near the Colosseum, an area which in recent years has become synonymous with crime and decay.