Waste management utility AMA has announced that it will be reorganising and revamping its services in order to tackle the city's grime and decay.

AMA says it will be hiring 544 new employees by the end of the year and purchasing 720 new garbage trucks (620 will replace older vehicles), which will allow garbage collection to continue uninterrupted during holidays and weekends.

In order to rationalise its coverage, AMA has divided the city into 400 micro-areas, which will each have its own dedicated team of street sweepers and rubbish collectors to ensure daily service. Until now, each street has been on a different schedule for cleaning and rubbish collection, with daily visits for some and weekly visits for others. In addition, AMA will be adding 2,000 large rubbish collection bins for solid and differentiated waste around the city.

AMA also said that it was organising a task force of 80 inspectors to identify problem areas and illegal dump sites.

Rome mayor Gianni Alemanno claims that under AMA's new regime, Rome will be