AMA Roma and Retake Roma work together

New deal sees agencies join forces to clean up Rome.

Rome's refuse management agency AMA Roma is to work hand-in-hand with Retake Roma, a volunteer movement which tackles urban decay in the capital, following a deal signed in recent days.

With the approval of Rome commissioner Francesco Paolo Tronca, the year-long agreement formalises an already productive working relationship between the two bodies, which until now had collaborated in an informal capacity on a semi-regular basis.

Under the new deal the two sides will retain their distinct roles but will work together far more frequently – undertaking up to five joint initiatives per month in each of the city's 15 municipi or town hall areas, leading to a total of 900 additional clean-up operations in Rome over the course of the year.

The agreement will see Retake Roma continue to identify areas in need of its services, liasing with local AMA Roma which will assist Retake volunteers by providing cleaning equipment and, when deemed necessary, specialist personnel. AMA has also agreed to publish the details of these operations on its website each month.

The deal has been described by AMA director Alessandro Filippi as "fundamental to ensuring the decorum of the capital" while Retake Roma president Simone Vellucci said the collaboration would pave the way for "making Rome more livable."

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