12 hours of classical music NO STOP

performed live by some the best artists on the music scene.

The event of the year, a unique timeline in a unique location.

Dozens of artists, chamber music groups, ensembles and an orchestra will be taking part and will be celebrating classical music. From 5pm till 8am, without breaks, all night long!

You can book a seat or buy an open ticket, both options will give you access to more than 30 concerts in just one night. It will be possible to walk in and out at any time, and the Rave will be broadcast live on every screen and loudspeaker of the building, so you can keep on following it even while having a dinner break, a drink or while just chilling out.


The Classical Music Rave will take place on the 30th of April till breakfast time on the first of may!

It is the second edition of a unique event, 15 hours of classical, acoustic, organic music, performed live by over 100 professional musicians in 40 concerts which will be held in just one night.

Chamber music groups, ensembles, opera singers, soloists of every age and origin will be playing in Auditorium S.Croce - SpinLabs, in the heart of Rome. The idea is to create a bridge between what is often seen as music for the elite and “the people”. In fact, ticket prices are very affordable, €20 to access all the concerts, and on all adverts it is specified that anyone who can’t afford to pay is welcome just the same. Classical Music should be for everybody!

The creator of this bizarre event, Enrico Melozzi, is also the founder and conductor of Orchestra Notturna Clandestina. In 2016 he felt the necessity to escape from all “conventions” and free classical music from the boundaries it is often associated with. Ever since, he has rehearsed and performed with his orchestra in unusual locations and occupied buildings, always after sunset.

A large portion of the Rave will be dedicated to Mozart, works like Mozart’s symphony op. 25 and the finale from Don Giovanni will be performed, as well as new works such as “Don Giovanni in Hell” (a sequel to the original work) composed by Melozzi will be a world premiere.

General Info

Price info 20-60
Address Via Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 55

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Via Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 55