"Andy Warhol" for kids

Come and join ARTandSEEK for a tour of some of Andy Warhol's most famous works at the Complesso del Vittoriano.

We will see how the artist’s personal interests and passions totally transformed his way of making art , giving birth to a new movement known as Pop Art.

During our visit we will explore iconic pieces of Pop Art, including pictures, objects and music, delving into Andy’s world and understanding how everything he did was relevant to his art making.

During and after our visit we will have a go at making a little pop art for ourselves.

For this event advance payment is required.

The programme is taught entirely in English for fluent children.

Sunday 18th November at 10:00

Sunday 2nd December at 10:00

Info and registrations: www.artandseekforkids.com

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