MADE Creative Bakery

MADE started with two women around a table. Nay, in the beginning there was no table either. Only two women who wanted to put their talents to good use: design, bakery art, architecture, entrepreneurial activity, temerity. Since we are talking about concrete things, it appears a table between the women. And on the table, a cake. But not a cake whatsoever. A cake like a flower: it attracts with its own smell and enchants with its own colours.

It’s working! After a while around the table there are five persons. They do not only want to eat the cake. They believe in the cake and in the numberless worlds of cakes that it represents. They are imagining. They are licking their own lips. A cake of pure chocolate, one of carrots and cream-cheese; a nostalgic person wants a custard tartlet ; a fan of hazelnuts wants a linzertorte with redcurrant; an apple cake scented with bay leaves. On one thing everyone agrees: each one’s cake must be special. Now the table is covered with pastries and biscuits. Around it there are twenty people. Everyone is speaking. A guy wants a vegan cake for his girlfriend, and he does not only want her to like the cake but after having described her wants the cake to be like her.

A florist wants a memorable cake without gluten for his wedding day, a real wedding cake, not a chemical pharmaceutical composition. An American man desires a cheese-cake and a man of letters wants an ode to the Madeleine. An architect turns up with a project by Le Corbusier: only custard and chocolate: the purist period. A Mondrian fan wants lines and colours. On the table there is no more room , not even for a single biscuit, it is necessary to find a bakery premises. In the city centre of Rome. An underwater air bubble. A coloured and perfumed corner. A bakery studio. A place where to keep dreaming all the possible cakes , to keep eating them. A place where to launch ideas , to trespass. To try.

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Address Via dei Coronari, 25
Phone number 00390698932195
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MADE Creative Bakery

Via dei Coronari, 25

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