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How Do Online Casino Regulations Look Like in Italy?


What Are Online Casino Regulations in Italy Like?

Italy is one of the most enjoyable countries on the planet to visit. The country draws people from across the globe as the culture, history, artifacts, and beauty of Italy make it one of the most unique and spectacular places for people to visit. It is not surprising has built up such an amazing reputation.

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A Great Place to Gamble

Italy is also a great place to go and play your favorite casino style games. There are four major land-based casinos that offer players the opportunity to enjoy playing their favorite casino style game, whether it is poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or slot machines. There is just about anything that someone could ask for, and many of these casinos are attached or closely associated with resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other accommodations that can make a day at the casino into quite the extravaganza.

While these are fantastic places to visit, there are many people who would prefer to be out enjoying the sights and sounds of Italy and its beautiful cities. They do not want to be cooped up in a casino all day when they could be out taking in all of the enjoyable things to see in Italy. However, they would still love to play casino style games. Fortunately, Italy has great online casinos that are available.

If you are searching for the best sites to try your luck in Italy, make sure you try out this online casino guide, as it can provide you with great places where you can trust that you can play with the highest level of cybersecurity offered. You cannot go wrong with these Italian online casinos.

Come to Italy and Enjoy Playing

Italy is a fantastic place to visit. There are more things to see and do than you can possibly imagine. It is also a place that deserves a certain amount of respect. After all, many of these structures date back over 2500 years and, sadly, there are many who have visited Italy but have not been particularly respectful and how they have dealt with the culture and artifacts of the country. This is why Italy is encouraging those who visit to keep in mind that many of these structures and artifacts have been around for thousands of years and they would like them to be around for thousands more.

This is a great policy, as Italy offers people plenty of things to do. This includes the online casino. In some countries, casino style gambling is limited to a particular region or is not legal at all. For land-based casinos in Italy there is a restriction on where they can operate. They must receive a license from the national government, and only four such licenses currently have been authorized.

This would normally have been bad news for people who live or are visiting in other areas of the country. A couple of decades ago they would not have been able to play casino style games, but the country has opened their doors to online gambling, especially within the last decade.

Up until 2006, most gambling activities were illegal in Italy. A few land-based casinos had been in operation for decades, and were allowed to continue to do so up until this point. However, after 2006, regulations changed and a greater acceptance of these activities became the norm.

Online Casinos Doing Very Well

With only a handful of land-based casinos licensed to operate in Italy, the country has made it legal for a number of Italian online casinos to offer their services. This ensures that people can enjoy playing casino style games no matter where they are.

These online games give people the opportunity to play whatever casino game they enjoy playing, and to do so with confidence and trust. All online casino vendors must meet a series of strict regulations that are required to gain a license. These include, but are not limited to:

Fairness of Games

All games must meet strict standards regarding fairness. Any online casino operating in a manner that presents an unfair game is going to lose their license immediately. They must meet the requirements of the law which that a standard of the minimum percentage of times that games must result in winners for players, especially in terms of slot machines.

Operators, dealers, software developers, and all others involved in the production and operation of these games must also meet certain standards. Italy has done a great job in protecting players and ensuring they get a fair shake when they are playing.

Maximum Security

At land-based casinos, operators are required to ensure that the safety of players is met as well. Casino operators are worried about profits, so they provide security to ensure that they are not robbed or their equipment damaged in some way. The government and these operators want to ensure that players have a secure experience, so they provide security to protect those who are playing.

The same is true for online options. While you may not be concerned about being robbed by some thug, there is the concern about hackers attempting to get into your account. This is why vendors must provide the maximum level of cybersecurity and encryption to protect players and their accounts.

Making the Right Connections

Many view gambling in a very negative light. Because of the seedier side of this industry, many expect there to be some type of criminal enterprise involved. Government officials want to protect players and the industry in general and have strict standards regarding who can be involved in the operations and ownership of these sites.

This is often why it is that those casino sites that are licensed to operate in Italy and in other countries often are well-recognized, international brands. Governments can trust that these operators are safe and secure and free from criminal activity. They have been in business for several years, and have already gone through a rigorous vetting process that has earned them a reputation of trustworthiness and integrity.

Best Italian Online Casinos Ranked

There are clearly a number of great online casinos Italy can offer. These licensed casinos have gone through a rigorous process that has made them ones that you can trust. While all of them have qualities that make them great, here are four you want to keep in mind that are the best options available.

1.     Unibet

Unibet is a well-recognized brand that offers great bonuses and the ability to play over 200 different games. They have some of the top promotions you are going to find in Italy, and this makes them a very attractive place for you to play.

2.     StarCasino

StarCasino offers nearly 300 games, and they were listed as the top casino in 2017. With great bonus offers and a fantastic interface, it is a fun place to play.

3.     888 Casino

888 Casino is a great place to play for many reasons. First of all, it starts with the fact that this is an online operator licensed to provide casino style games in several different countries. If you are visiting Italy from another country where 888 Casino is available, you can quickly access your account and play. They offer over 150 different games and have some exclusive contracts with game developers that makes them a great place to play.

4.     LeoVegas

LeoVegas offers one of the best customer service experiences you were going to find, they have over 160 games with good welcome bonuses as well.

While there are other casino options available, these are for the best. What you can be sure of is that if you are playing and you are using any of these Italian casino sites provided, then you know you are going to get a great experience, one you can trust.


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