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American Overseas School of Rome

For over 75 years, AOSR has stood alone as Rome's only independent, non-profit school. Established in 1947 by British and American families, AOSR delivers exceptional education that bridges diverse cultures. 

At AOSR, our mission is clear: We offer the best of an American International education. We blend the rigors of elite US independent schools with a global perspective. With personalized attention and innovative teaching strategies, we shape a supportive and rigorous learning experience for our students. 

Embracing Diversity 

Our core strength at AOSR is our vibrant and inclusive community. Our school embraces over 50 nationalities, and we deeply value the diversity that enriches our community. Here, differences are celebrated, creating a sense of belonging beyond statistics—an intercultural ethos is at the heart of our school community. 

Academic Excellence 

AOSRAt AOSR, our aim for each student is personal academic excellence. Each student is challenged to think critically and creatively and to develop habits of learning that lead to long term success. In the elementary and middle school, small class sizes ensure individual attention, enabling our teachers to nurture the unique talents and potential within the class. The foundation for academic success in high school is built in our elementary and middle school programs. 

Since 1989, AOSR is the only high school in Italy to offer both a comprehensive Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Experience matters, and our globally recruited faculty empower students to succeed in both programs. The rigor of our dual university prep AP and IB curricula are recognized by elite universities worldwide, and AOSR students routinely attend Bocconi, the Ivy League Universities,Oxford and Cambridge, along with MIT, UC Berkeley and Stanford. 

Learning Beyond the Classroom 

AOSROur approach to education transcends conventional boundaries. Unique to an American educational approach, we place a strong emphasis on holistic development and wellbeing. AOSR offers a full array of extracurricular activities including the arts, sports, Model United Nations, Speech and Debate, National Honors Society, and community service initiatives. These opportunities allow students to explore their passions, cultivate leadership skills, and develop a sense of responsibility towards both our local and global communities. 

Of course, Italy itself provides an unparalleled backdrop for learning beyond the classroom. AOSR students have exclusive access to cultural landmarks, museums, and historical sites that enrich their education beyond the confines of textbooks. Leveraging our location, we offer immersive learning experiences that seamlessly connect classroom teachings with real-world contexts. 

Preparing Global Leaders 

AOSRAt AOSR, we don't just educate; we shape future leaders. Our faculty are at the forefront of education, and they know that there’s more to learning than facts and figures. Teaching leadership through the values of integrity, empathy, responsibility and respect is essential to our mission. These values serve as a foundation for all that we do, and our faculty teach these values with unwavering commitment. Thus, AOSR graduates excel in our interconnected world. 

Parents as Partners 

Parents are essential partners in learning at AOSR. We welcome parents on campus for the multiple volunteer opportunities offered. Upon arrival, our robust support system guarantees smooth transitions for new students and families. Tailored orientation programs and our committed Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) are central to fostering a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment for everyone. 

As AOSR grows, our commitment to providing the best of an American International education remains unwavering. We're more than a school; we're a diverse and welcoming community that fosters curiosity and a passion for learning. For expat and local families alike, AOSR is a center of educational excellence in Rome. AOSR isn't just about academic success; it's a place over 10,000 alumni still call home. 

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Address Via Cassia, 811, 00189 Roma RM, Italia
Phone number +39 06 3343 8300

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American Overseas School of Rome

Via Cassia, 811, 00189 Roma RM, Italia

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