25-27 Nov 2004. In Les porteuses de mauvaises nouvelles, choreography by Wim Vandekeybus. After working for two years with Flemish choreographer Jan Fabre, Wim Vandekeybus created hisown working structure "Ultima Vez" in 1987. It has since grown into a thriving and internationally recognized company and this particular creation received the prestigious Bessie Award in New York in 1990. The 1990s in fact marked a period of ever-increasing success for Ultima Vez. Vandekeybuss early pieces were strongly body-centered, but gradually he developed more thematic performances, exploring themes such as man vs. woman, seeing vs. not-seeing, hallucination and insanity. At the same time he started to insert theatrical, textual and film elements into his work and mixing actors among his dancers.

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Address Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.

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Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez.

Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.