22 Sept-3 Jan 2005. The Sons & Lumires (Sounds & Lights) exhibition at the Pompidou Centre is subtitled A History of Sound in 20th Century Art. The 20th century is often considered a time of convergence and dialogue between art forms. Interaction between what can be seen and what can be heard encapsulates a fundamental evolution of artistic expression. This exhibition aims to put the major 20th century milestones in the spotlight.

Four hundred works have been gathered for the event, among them pieces by Rodney Graham, Vassily Kandisky, Yoko Ono and Jackson Pollock, most of which have never been exhibited before in France.

Sounds & Lights is divided into three themes. The first part is dedicated to colour in motion and chromatic organs through abstract paintings. Then the exhibition deals with what is called photography of sound in the 1920s. This theme was also developed in the 1960s and 1970s through sound and light waves which created a new audiovisual landscape. The third part is more open to question and definitely oriented toward the 21st century.

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Address Pompidou Centre. Tel. +33 144784998. 11.00-21.00 (23.00 on Thurs).
Website www.cnac-gp.fr

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Sons & Lumires.

Pompidou Centre. Tel. +33 144784998. 11.00-21.00 (23.00 on Thurs).