Rome street guide: Via di Monserrato

Via di Monserrato from Sadie Devane on Vimeo.

Hollywood Film d'Autore. With customers including Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, this small but well-stocked shop (the first in Italy to specialise in auteur cinema) has a collection of about 5,000 movies to buy or rent. The shop's owner, Marco, insists on “no B-movies, only great directors – the classics of past and present.” As well as DVDs, there are classic and contemporary film posters and stills, t-shirts and box-sets. A point of reference for film students and fans since 1983. Via di Monserrato 107.

Hollywood Film D'Autore

MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea. This independent gallery promotes prominent Italian and foreign artists, and was opened by Daina Maja Titonel in 2013. The gallery is an open, airy space, and hosts around five diverse exhibitions annually. Closed on Sunday and Monday. Via di Monserrato 30. 

MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea

Pierluigi. Fresh fish is bought at Italian ports every morning for this fine-dining seafood restaurant. Guests are greeted by an impressive fish counter, with a cocktail bar for drinks while perusing the menu. Choose between the à la carte or tasting menu, where as well as fish, there are meat, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. There is also outdoor seating. Via di Monserrato 144.


Elio Volpotti. This small, family-run goldmiths in the middle of Via di Monserrato first opened its doors in 1950. Inside a grandfather and grandson sit side-by-side at a work bench covered in tools and precious gems, meticulously creating pieces to add to the shelves of jewellery that surround them. For a gift, repair, or to have a bespoke wedding or engagement ring made, this jewellers has years of experience on its side. Via di Monserrato 37. 

Elio Volpotti

NoveNoveDesign. This cosy shop offers jewellery by contemporary Italian and other European designers. From colourful and quirky statement pieces to delicate gold and silver, to handbags, printed scarves and tailored clothes. Closed on Sun and Monday mornings. Via di Monserrato 99.


Caffè Perù. A lively, friendly venue packed with locals drinking coffee at the bar, grabbing a sandwich to go, or enjoying a fresh, simple meal such as roast vegetable couscous, pasta, or chicken with cooked tomatoes on the vine. The place really comes alive in the evenings, when people gather out at the front of the bar, cocktails in hand. Open 06.30-02.00 Mon-Sat, Sun 06.30-21.00. Via di Monserrato 46.

Caffè Perù
Caffè Perù

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