Rome street guide: Via del Pellegrino

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Barnum Cafè. A cafe that feels more like New York than Rome, Barnum Cafe is a great place to relax in a comfortable and creative environment. In the morning, settle in an armchair and try one of their freshly-squeezed juices and a pastry. For lunch, their reasonably-priced menu of the day usually comprises salads and pasta dishes, and in the evening, there is music and and cocktails. Open 09.00 – 01.30 daily. Via del Pellegrino 87.

Cafe Barnum
Barnum Cafè

OfficineReD. This fashion concept store stocks contemporary Italian fashion brands. Unusually, it has a slightly larger range for men, having started life as a menswear shop in 2008. However, its trendy, industrial-style interior (complete with a piano, stacks of indie magazines to flick through, and retro cinema seats) will appeal to all. Prices are mid-range, starting at about €60. Via del Pellegrino 79.

Officine ReD

Largo degli Acetari. Extremely well hidden, Largo degli Acetari is an enchanting scene that will only reveal itself to those who really set out to find it. Head to Via del Pellegrino 19 (the first left onto a small side street, walking away from Campo de' Fiori), through the Arco degli Acetari (not so memorable, and probably full of rubbish) and you'll arrive at a small medieval square with burnt-orange houses, cats lounging in the sun, and plants cascading from the balconies. Via del Pellegrino 19.

Largo degli Acetari
Largo degli Acetari

Libreria Il Minotauro. Like a child's playroom crammed from floor to ceiling with books, board games, and toys made of natural materials, there is something here for every 0-9 year old. Such is the quantity of toys that if there are more than a few people in the shop you will find it hard to navigate around each other! The products often feature organic or non-toxic finishes, such as their wooden toys coloured with natural dyes. A great place to pick up presents for little ones. Via del Pellegrino 110.


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Address Via del Pellegrino, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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Rome street guide: Via del Pellegrino

Via del Pellegrino, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy