Rome street guide: Via dei Coronari

Via dei Coronari video from Sadie Devane on Vimeo.

MADE Bakery. Chef Max took over the former cupcake bakery four years ago and transformed it into a colourful and inviting space where vegans, vegetarians and those with gluten and lactose intolerances can enjoy delicious treats in the heart of Rome. Each original recipe starts with quality ingredients, and the result is a selection of carefully-crafted cakes and desserts. Healthy lunches such as bagels and salads are served, as well as slow-pressed juices and classic cupcakes. Via dei Coronari 25.


Talarico Cravatte. This small shop is quite inconspicuous from the outside. Inside, however, the subdued, sophisticated interior is set off by an array of colourful and patterned ties lining the walls. Since 1999, Talarico Cravatte has served many Italian and international politicians including Berlusconi, Bush and Renzi. The shop also sells ascot ties, bow ties, and a selection of printed silk scarves for women. Via dei Coronari 51.

Talarico Cravatte

Lisa Corti Home Textiles. Lisa Corti is a textile designer based in Milan, and the shop on Via dei Coronari is one of three in Italy. Each of her vibrant, colourful pieces is handmade in India; from weaving, to dying, to block-printing the patterns. It is apparent that India and the Orient are a source of inspiration for her designs. In the Rome shop you will find printed fabrics such as tablecloths and bedspreads, and a range of clothes and shoes for women. Via dei Coronari 197.

Lisa Corti
Lisa Corti Home Textiles

Sangallo Restaurant. Located in a square off Via dei Coronari, Sangallo provides a more formal setting for lunch and dinner. The prices are a little on the expensive side, but the food is fresh, tasty and authentically Italian. Downstairs the vibe is more relaxed, with a cocktail bar and lots of natural daylight – perfect for lunch – and there is also a large outdoor seating area. For dinner you may be ushered upstairs to a quieter, more formal dining room overlooking the piazza. Via dei Coronari 180.

Sangallo Restaurant
Sangallo Restaurant

Coronari 111 Art Gallery. It's not always necessary to visit big museums to see contemporary art, and Via dei Coronari is home to many private art galleries, with free entry. Coronari 111 is one such contemporary art gallery whose black walls are used to display an array of paintings and sculptures in different styles. The works are predominantly by Italian artists, but there are exhibitors from all over the world. Via dei Coronari 111.

Coronari 111
Coronari 111 Art Gallery

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