Primavera della Landriana 2018

Primavera della Landriana opens 20-22 April 2018

This year's Primavera della Landriana, the annual garden fair and horticultural sale at the Landriana gardens south of Rome, takes place over three days from 20-22 April, between 10.00 and 19.00 each day.The ten-hectare gardens were created in the 1950s by owner Marchesa Lavinia Taverna Gallarati Scotti with the help of celebrated British landscape architect Russell Page. Now considered the most important postwar garden in Italy, La Landriana contains 32 secret spaces and walks including one planted entirely with Mutabilis roses.Driving from Rome, take Via Pontina or the coastal road to Ardea, or by train on the Rome-Nettuno line to Campo di Carne. For more details tel. 0691014140 or see website.

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Address Via Campo di Carne, 51, 00040 Landriana LT, Italy

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Primavera della Landriana 2018

Via Campo di Carne, 51, 00040 Landriana LT, Italy