25 Oct-2 Jan 2005. The Tate Britain is showing a small-scale exhibition aimed at highlighting three key phases in the career of Portuguese artist Paula Rego, providing a view of the breadth of her artistic practice as well as tracing recurrent themes that span her career. Paula Regos works take real and imagined stories as their starting points, though she allows the complex narratives in her pictures to evolve out of the process of making the work. Her finished pictures are never simple illustrations; the characters and the events change and develop as she works. The action in her pictures almost always takes place in domestic settings. Rego says she "can only understand ideas in terms of human relationships." The exhibition comprises early works, better known pieces from the 1980s and her most recent work, The Pillowman 2004, exhibited for the first time. www.tate.org.uk/home/default.htm

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Paula Rego Retrospective

Tate Britain.