Odyssey Ballett

13-14 Feb. A Mediterranean story.

Mvula Sungani's choreography with Emanuela Bianchini and dancers of the Physical Dance. Mvula Sungani's dance company and school is based in Rome. Sungani, grew up in Rome's Centocelli, started working in television with Raffaella Carrà at the age of 13 and then received his professional formation with Alvin Ailey.

Odyssey Ballet is an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural work inspired by the north and the south of the Mediterranean, by Sungani's Italian and Malawi heritage. Here many themes intersect, the sea, the "other", the journey or "odyssey", the artist and the audience, the classical and the contemporary. Teatro Vascello, Via Giacinto Carini 78, www.teatrovascello.it.

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Address Teatro Vascello, Via Giacinto Carini 78

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Odyssey Ballett

Teatro Vascello, Via Giacinto Carini 78