12 Nov-23 Dec 2004. The Green on Red Gallery is exhibiting Irish artist Gerard Byrne's latest video piece entitled Homme Femmes (Michel Debrane) a video of an attempt to dramatically re-enact a 1977 interview between the French intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre, and journalist Catherine Chane. It is a 40 minute video and the third in a series of videos that use 70s texts as their base.

The famous French philosopher discusses his life and his love of women in a highly charged conversation with the journalist. Byrne has used emotive discussions from other publications for his documentaries in the past such as Playboy and National Geographic.

Byrne examines our collective amnesia about the shifting nature of our cultural history by using what have become discarded conversations and interviews from our recent past.

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Address Green on Red Gallery, Dublin.

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Homme a Femmes - Gerard Byrne

Green on Red Gallery, Dublin.