Until 4 March 2005. This is a new festival of contemporary dance directed by the eclectic stage director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. Although he is not a dancer he has always privileged a kind of theatre that focuses on the beauty and on the power of the body and on movement. In this festival the body is protagonist through a variety of media, which includes dance, language and videos. Enzo Cosimi choreographed, directed, designed sets and costumes and made the video for the work I need more. A declaration of love in 2 acts dedicated to youth (25, 26 Feb). Finally the Dorky Park Company presents Back to the Present, choreography by Costanza Macras (28-1 March). Argentinian-born Macras has been living and working as a performer, director and choreographer in Berlin since 1995. She founded her own dance company today called Dorky Park in 1997. Some of the strange settings she has used or her performances are a butcher shop, a canteen, and even toilets. In her site-specific performance Back to the Present, she goes for a journey into the past. Memory as looped feedback, live performances, dance, music and videos form a space installation, where the audience moves around. A video-installation by the North American choreographer Bud Blumenthal in the foyer of the auditoriums Sala Petrassi runs throughout the festival.

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Address At Auditorium-Parco della Musica, Via P. da Coubertin, tel. 06802411.

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Festival Equilibrio.

At Auditorium-Parco della Musica, Via P. da Coubertin, tel. 06802411.