Equilibrio. Festival della Nuova Danza

9-28 Feb. The festival of new dance returns to the Auditorium Parco della Musica in a different format.

Three themes dominate the 12th edition of this contemporary dance festival: The importance of live music to dance; the role of Spanish women choreographers and the new centres of dance in Italy. En Avant March! (21-23 Feb) is the title of the choreography by Frank Van Laeke and Alan Patel in which a band becomes not only central to the life of the community but also to its actors and dancers.

Spanish women choreographers have become increasingly important to the European dance scene, especially in their commentaries on the role of women in society and their use of new techniques and narratives. During the festival María Muñoz (23 Feb) Sol Picó (26 Feb), Àngels Margarit (28 Feb) will work with a group of young Italian dancers on a choreography that focuses on the outside spaces of the auditorium.

The three Italian dance companies at the centre of this year’s festival are Aterballetto  (based in Reggio Emilio) on 8 Feb, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni (Florence) on 12 Feb and Compagnia Zappalà Danza (Catania) on 17 Feb. All three have been awarded state grants for the 2015-2017 triennium in recognition of their regional, national and international importance.

There is no Sibi Larbi Cherkaoui this year, the festival's inspiration from the out set He is now the artistic director of the Royal Flanders Ballet. And there is no competition for best contemporary dancers and choreography.