27-28 Oct 2004. For Romaeuropa Festival, in Bianco (fra cervello e movimento).

30-31 Oct 2004. In Rosso (fra cervello e movimento), and 2-3 Nov. In Extra Dry (fra cervello e movimento) Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten have worked together in their search for new dance forms since 1995. They present their work under the name of Emio Greco/PC, expressing the collaborative effort of their artistic partnership. Greco and Scholten say the curiosity towards the body and its inner motives serves as the starting point for creating dance. In their performances, movement is seen as self-sufficient and capable of creating its own time and space. Dance is not used as a medium to convey a message or decorate theatrical space; it is seen as having an intelligence of its own, capable of communicating a wisdom about the body that needs no added explanations. Fra Cervello e Movimento is a set of three performances - Bianco, Rosso and Extra Dry that investigates the brain (cervello) and movement (movimento); a mind that wishes to control and a body that is curious for new sensations. Bianco created in 1996 shows a collection of extremes. From pitch dark to blinding white; from hilarity to hesitation; from brilliant entertainment to banality. Greco portrays himself in seven pieces; a body that apparently obeys the whims of his mind. He is in continuous tension, switching between combat and game in a search for new dimensions of movement and space. Rosso of 1997 is a solo piece presenting a stream of frictions between the body and mind. It is about extending the boundaries of control and allowing the bodys imagination to take over. In Extra Dry of 1999 another dancer enters Emio Greco/PCs universe for the first time. The perfectly controlling mind, subjecting the body to the will of the dancer is confronted by the bodys resistance to obey. The two bodies breach invisible boundaries, moving from the explosive to the exploratory in the search for oneness.

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Address Teatro Valle, Via del Teatro Valle 21, tel. 0668803794. For booking and information tel. 800795525.

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Emio Greco/PC.

Teatro Valle, Via del Teatro Valle 21, tel. 0668803794. For booking and information tel. 800795525.

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