2 and 4 March 2004. Conducted by Claudio Abbado, directed by Mario Martone.

After four years Claudio Abbado returns to conduct Cos Fan Tutte by Mozart in three different cities in Emilia Romagna: Ferrara (17 and 19 Feb), Modena (23 and 25 Feb) and Reggio Emilia (2 and 4 March). Cos Fan Tutte is an opera that demands subtle nuances but also sustained rhythms, bound to the liveliness of Lorenzo Da Pontes text. Abbado reintroduces many passages that were cut in the past, and gives great prominence to the orchestral parts performed by the excellent Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Director Mario Martone also returns for this production. The action takes place on a bare stage on which there are just two beds; at the end these are pushed together and the four protagonists throw themselves onto them, leaving a question mark over which couples they will form. The various casts include Ruggero Raimondi, Anna Caterina Antonacci and Daniela Mazzucato, and also up-and-coming singers such as Andrea Concetti and Saimir Pirgu. Paolo di Nicola

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Address Teatro Romolo Valli, tel. 0522458811.

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Cos Fan Tutte by Mozart.

Teatro Romolo Valli, tel. 0522458811.