Jobs growth in Rome is largely thanks to the rising numbers of women in work, according to a report (Rapporto sull Economia Romana) published by the Rome city council. In the province of Rome, female employment rose by 50,000 between 2003 and 2004, reaching 659,000, whereas male employment rose over the same period by a relatively meagre 4,000 to 889,000. Business ownership among women is also going up at record levels in Rome; the number of Roman woman bosses is the highest in Italy at over 42,500. For the past nine years, across a range of economic indicators, Romes economy has risen up the rankings according to the Italian chamber of commerce, and now stands at seventh in Italy. Per capita income in Rome amounts to 26,350 per year compared with Italys wealthiest city Milan, where GDP per capita stands at 30,629. The capitals economic strength rests largely on three pillars: advanced services performed by high tech, information-oriented companies, culture and tourism, and the audiovisual sector.