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By Marco Venturini

Since March 1985 our goal has been to help and inform the expat community in Rome, and in Italy. Our mission is, and has been over the last 30 years, to try to explain the Eternal City to its foreign guests. Not a simple task, it must be said, but for sure a challenging and intriguing one.

Over these three decades our focus has been to find new ways to communicate with our readers and stakeholders; to serve the community with up-to-date news and events; to be a participative hub for our audience. In 1997 we launched our first website, wantedinrome.com, then came wantedinmilan.com, wantedineurope.com and wantedinafrica.com. Our Expat Guides to Rome and Milan, since 2009, have met your favour and so has our most recent product, The Wanted in Rome Card that allows holders to enjoy special offers at discounted prices in the capital. 

Things of course haven’t always been easy. As well as the serious economic crisis of the last decade and the changes in the demographics of the expat community – it is now much younger and more mobile – there has also been the most far-reaching revolution in the means of communication and the distribution of information since the invention of the printing press. We have had to adapt accordingly. 

However we still believe that the print medium has an important role to play both for readers and advertisers. Although we now publish once a month instead of once every two weeks we have changed the magazine format several times to keep up with modern graphics. At the same time we have also renewed our website content and design at least three times since we launched the first site in the early days of internet at the end of the 1990s.

In the last few months we have renewed the website once again and hope that you are finding it easier and quicker to use. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and have therefore added a much wider and younger audience than ever before.


Of course we have no intention of stopping here. This edition of Wanted in Rome, the one you are reading right now, is the result of a totally new graphic project. More pages, more content and more sections in an effort to offer you an even better product, at the same price. News, What’s On and Classifieds plus our recipes, a restaurant guide (in collaboration with Puntarella Rossa, one of Italy’s main food blogs) along with our guides for children, street  art and underground sites, and our Junior section, two pages dedicated to contributions from students of Rome’s international schools. 

Most of all we have retained our passion since we first started publishing and still put all our efforts into giving you the best information and the best service possible, whether in the magazine, on our website, through social media or directly in our office. That is why we hope you will enjoy this new edition of Wanted in Rome, which has served the expat and English-speaking Italians for more than three decades.

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Wanted in Rome, what's new

Wanted in Rome, Via di Monserrato, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy