Elections for the Rome mayor and city council are due to be held on 28 and 29 May. The lists of candidates for the elections for the city councillors and for the mayor have now all been screened by the city electoral offices and confirmation of eligibility has been given for 12 out of the 14 candidates for the post of mayor and to 36 out of the 40 lists of candidates put forward for election as city councillors. The usual reasons for ineligibility are that there is not the quorum of signatories to support the list or that some required document has not been submitted.

The two main candidates for the post of mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, the present mayor, who is centre left, and Gianni Alemanno, the candidate for the centre-right coalition, are both supported by several lists of those standing as city councillors; Veltroni has 12 lists and Alemanno 14. All the other ten candidates for the post of mayor have one list only.

Voters may choose to vote simply for a mayoral candidate, or else for a specific list supporting a mayoral candidate, in which case they may name a candidate for councillor from that list.

Foreign residents in Rome who come from a European Union member state are entitled to vote in the forthcoming election. To do so they must have an electoral card which is issued in the council electoral offices at 6, Via dei Cerchi. Anyone without the necessary voting card, who wishes to vote, should go in person to the electoral offices with a valid identity document showing their nationality and the name in which they are registered as a resident in the city. For further information telephone to the council call centre no 060606.