Venice to charge tourist entry fee from July 2020

Venice entry fee will apply to tourists on day-trip visits.

Venice will begin charging tourists an entry fee from 1 July 2020, according to the city council.

The fee, which was first announced late last year, will only apply to tourists on day trips, not those staying overnight.

The city council will levy the entry fee, which will initially vary from a €3 standard rate to €6 on busier days, rising to €8 during the peak season.

From 1 January 2021 the standard daily rate will increase to €6, rising to €8 in busier periods and €10 in the peak summer season.

Cruise ships carrying day-trippers will pay the city's port authority a flat rate of €5 per person per day in 2020, rising to €7 from 2021.

Venice is expected to install ticket machines across the city, while those visiting for academic, work or family reasons will reportedly be exempt from the fee.

With a population of about 55,000 people Venice has to cope with between 20 and 30 million tourists a year.