Social housing in central Rome for €10 per month

Report uncovers bogus rents for social housing in exclusive Rome locations.

Social housing accommodation in Borgo Pio near the Vatican for €10 per month; an apartment on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II for €24 per month; accommodation overlooking the Roman Forum for €23 per month; another on Via del Colosseo for a monthly rent of €25.

These were among the intial findings of a report into anomalies in Rome's social housing sector, following an ongoing investigation requested by the city's commissioner Francesco Paolo Tronca.

The city describes the rents as "well below the minimum market value" and says it will investigate further to ascertain the qualifications of the occupants and to check whether they are in fact squatting.

It will also attempt to identify the social housing managers who agreed the rents and, where necessary, recover property that has fallen out of the hands of the city.

The report follows the publication of a Wanted in Rome feature article in November 2015 on the subject by Mike Dilien.