Skiing near Rome

In central Italy the so-called white tourism has started earlier than previous winter seasons. Perfect whitened slopes and some great promotions are trying to limit the damage caused by the economic crises.

There are many skiing resorts within an easy drive of Rome along the Apennines in Lazio and Abruzzo. Each resort offers promotional ski passes, ski schools for adults and children, ski clubs, ski hire and reasonable accommodation, as well as several restaurants and chalets located along the slopes. Most stations offer an efficient rescue system on the runs. A season ticket costs about €490 and includes unlimited skiing on well beaten and always snowy tracks.


Ovindoli is located in the province of L’Aquila in Abruzzo, about 130 km from Rome, and is part of the Regional Natural Park of Sirente-Velino. In the Altopiano delle Rocche which connects Ovindoli with Rocca di Mezzo, are the longest cross-country skiing slopes in central Italy. The Magnola Mountain, which goes from 1400 m to 2220 m, offers 30 km of Alpine skiing, served by modern and efficient lifts. The slopes, which belong to the ski area of Tre Nevi, are of all levels of difficulty and professional skiers can also find some prestigious black runs. There is a snow park iin the Magnola Upper Park at 1980 m and now there is a the recently opened Lower Park, located along the Dolce Vita slope at 1650 m. It also has a very efficient snowmaking system, which guarantees a perfect quality of snow even when natural snow is lacking.  


This limestone mountain, better known as the mountain of Rome, is about 100 km from Rome and reaches a height of 2215 m. Since the 1930s, when it was made fashionable by Mussolini, it has been a tourist destination for passionate skiers, and it is still one of the favourite winter resorts for Rome's skiers. It has six lifts, including a cable car, two ski lifts, two chairlifts and a treadmill, as well as over 40 km of steep slopes for Alpine skiing, 20 km of perfectly beaten Nordic skiing slopes, which are also illuminated at night. Its variegated flora and fauna make it an ideal place for excursions, nature trails and other sporting activities, such as hiking and mountain races. It has recently inaugurated a high altitude riding school with horses, which pull the sleds. There is also the possibility of renting powerful quads, which offer adventurous excursions on the snowy paths.

Campo Felice

Campo Felice is a karst plateau in the central Apennines of Abruzzo, located within the Regional Natural Park of Sirente-Velino about 113 km from Rome. This ski resort is part of the Tre Nevi area, along with Ovindoli and Campo Imperatore, and is one of the favourite destinations for Romans. It offers 30 km of Alpine skiing slopes of various difficulties, served by very efficient cableways, including nine chairlifts, two ski lifts, three tapis roulant, which can carry up to 18,000 skiers per hour and guarantee a quick and practical access to the slopes. A modern snowmaking system, made of 250 artificial snow cannons, provides over 16 km of slopes. A must for snowboarders is the Swup Snowpark, with its new facilities, jumps, breathtaking passages, which guaranteed this structure the prize for best snowboarding system of central Italy in 2012.

Campo Staffi

Campo Staffi is located in Filettino 100 km from Rome. Its skiing area is temporarily closed for technical and economic reasons. When it is open its facilities include two chair lifts, three ski lifts and one manovia, which take skiers to several 1500 to 2000 m. A 10-km long path is open for lovers of cross-country skiing. A shuttle service connects Filettino to the nearby villages.


This resort, located in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, is located about 160 km from Rome and offers 20-km of skiing, divided in 14 slopes for all abilities, including two difficult black runs, six red or intermediate slopes, six blue or easy slopes for beginners. The 100-km long slope of Alto Sangro, crosses the municipalities of Pescasseroli, Pescocostanzo, Aremogna, Pizzalto and Monte Pratello. There are also some unofficial off-piste skiing for the most adventurous experts. The resort has three chair lifts and two ski lifts.

Monte Livata

The Alpine skiing areas of Monte Livata, located in Lazio about 75 km from Rome, include Campo Minio and Monna dell’Orso, which is temporarily closed for the modernisation of its facilities. The slopes, which run from Fossa dell’Acero to Campo dell’Osso, are famous for cross-country skiing and are particularly suitable for families. Three new treadmills take skiers on the top of the mountain, from where they can choose an Alpine skiing descent or a snowboarding and tubing track. 13-km of new piste have been added recently to the traditional cross-skiing circuit, which goes from Campo dell’Osso to Campaegli.


This relatively small ski resort is one of the oldest in the Apennines and is located in the province of Frosinone in Lazio about 100 km from Rome. It has 12-km of slopes, located in a karst valley at 1800 m. It has a chairlift and three ski lifts. The Canalino and the Vermicano slopes are connected and form a good slope of 1500 m.

Campo Imperatore

Campo Imperatore, the first to be developed in the Apennines and among the highest in Italy at 2200 m on the famous Gran Sasso mountain in Abruzzo, is 120 km from Rome. A cableway takes skiers from Fonte Cerreto to Campo Imperatore and two chair lifts take them to five panoramic slopes. It offers 15 km of Alpine skiing and 60 km of Nordic skiing. There is also a snow park with half pipe and boarder cross slopes for snowboarders.  


Roccaraso is one of the major skiing resorts in the Abruzzo at 194 km from Rome. It is the heart of the largest ski area in central Italy, the Alto Sangro area, which includes 160-km of slopes and 36 lifts. Founded in 1910, Roccaraso’s skiing resort still hosts prestigious international skiing competitions. Its numerous slopes include some that are suitable for children.

Campo di Giove

Campo di Giove is located on the western slope of the Natural Park of Majella in Abruzzo about 170 km from Rome. A chair lift and a ski lift take skiers to a slope at about 1800 m.  Two bars / restaurants are located along the way. The numerous slopes are of different levels of difficulty: the Serra Campanile is easy and suitable for kids, the Le Capre, Pareti Rosse and Delle Signore are of medium difficulty, while the Porrara is one of the most fascinating and challenging black slopes in the Apennines. There are two school camps, served by tapis roulants, where children are introduced to skiing and snowboarding. Among this year’s news is a snow park with seven structures, a snow playground for young skiers, called Kinder Park Giovilandia, and an synthetic ice skating rink open throughout the year.

Gabrielle Bolzoni