Italy's home Six Nations matches look set to be played in Florence after the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) lost patience with the owners of Rome's embattled Stadio Flaminio.

After complaining for years over the condition of the stadium, in January FIR president Giancarlo Dondi issued an ultimatum: if Flaminio were not fully refurbished and ready by 2013, the Italian national team would be forced to seek another home. The threat was met immediately with talk of large-scale refurbishment of the ageing stadium beginning in 2012, which would see its capacity rise from 25,000 seats to 48,000, bringing it up to international standards.

On 1 February a much-trumpeted meeting between both sides took place, at which it was hoped a definitive agreement could be reached. In the end nothing happened. The statement issued by the federation this week cited an "absence of a definitive and rapid resolution of the problems with the Stadio Flaminio".

It now looks likely that future home matches in the Six Nations could be transferred to Florence