Runaway elephant in Rome

Elephant runs away from Rome circus

An elephant caused panic in a northern Rome suburb after breaking out of the Amedeo Orfei circus on the afternoon of Friday 6 December.

The Indian elephant named Mia decided to go walkabout in the Talenti district and remained on the loose for about two hours, before being cornered by police and the circus owners.

Mia, who has been in the circus for over 40 years, was recaptured near exit 11 of the city's Grande Raccordo Annulare motorway. It is believed the animal broke out of the circus because it was hungry.

It is the second time in a month that an elephant has escaped from a circus in Rome. On 7 November an elephant ended up at a fruit and vegetable market in the eastern suburb of Ponte di Nona where it was fed bananas by stunned market workers.