Rome's Quattro Fontane monuments restored

Pristine fountains unveiled after clean-up sponsored by Fendi

Rome's Quattro Fontane complex near the Quirinal palace has been unveiled following a nine-month cleaning operation which cost €320,000 and was funded by Italian fashion house Fendi.

Located at the intersection of Via del Quirinale and Via delle Quattro Fontane, the late-Renaissance fountains required a substantial cleaning after years of traffic pollution, limescale damage and neglect.

The travertine and tufa fountains, which comprise the rivers Tiber and Arno, and the gods Juno and Diana, have also had their lighting and hydraulics upgraded, according to the city's superintendent for cultural heritage Claudio Parisi Presicce.

Juno by Domenico Fontana
Juno by Domenico Fontana

The fountains of the two rivers and Juno are believed to be the work of Domenico Fontana, and Diana was designed by Pietro da Cortona.

The clean-up operation was part of the €2.5 million Fendi for Fountains project, an ambitious plan that would see the fashion firm sponsor the restoration of some of the city’s best-loved monuments including the Trevi fountain, whose first phase of restoration was completed in January.