Rome's decline reflected in citizen survey

Faith in public services and quality of life ratings continues to fall in Rome.

All 18 of the city's public services, with the exception water, have recorded a decline in the 12th survey by the agency for the control and quality of Rome public services, presented at city hall on 30 September.

The average opinion of Rome residents has not registered a "sufficient" rating since 2014 and this year is even worse, falling from 5.33 last year to 5.3 in 2019.

This year's average has been dragged down particularly by impressions of surface public transport (4.1 this year compared to 4.4 in 2018), the metro (from 5.8 down to 5) and waste collection and street cleaning: 2.7 and 2.8 respectively, almost one point less than last year.

The only public service to register an improvement in the minds of Romans is drinking water, which scored a rating of 7.8 compared to 7.5 in 2018.

9 out of 18 public services registered a "sufficient" rating, however all dropped about half a point each compared to last year: these were in the fields of culture, social services (but not municipal social services which recorded 5.5), and taxis which scraped a sufficient 6.

The findings are slighty more positive when Romans are asked about their neighbourhoods of residence, rising to 5.46 compared to 5.3 last year.

The highest approval came from Muncipio III, in the north-east of the capital, and the coastal Municipio X. The poorest satisfaction ratings came from the city centre, in Municipio I.

The survey also found that young people and students were the most satisfied, while the most critical were the elderly and those in retirement.