Rome’s dog-friendly beach reopens

15th anniversary of Baubeach

Rome's beach designated exclusively for dogs and their owners reopens on 16 May and this year celebrates its 15th anniversary.

The 7,000-sqm stretch of sand known as Baubeach is located near Fiumicino airport in the Maccarese area west of the city and can be reached from Via Praia a Mare. Dogs can play and run around freely and drinking water is provided, while owners are offered refreshment areas serving health foods and workshops in canine first-aid. Dogs can even accompany their owners to yoga and pilates classes on the beach.

A few simple rules apply: only non-aggressive dogs are welcome and generally are not required to be kept on a leash, puppies under three months and female dogs in heat are not permitted, dogs must possess their required identification microchip, and owners must present an up-to-date record of each dog's vaccination history.

To keep the beach clean, refuse bags are available throughout the area. The entry fee, which includes a goody bag for your dog, is €4. Alternatively a yearly pass costs €13.

For full details see website, tel. 0681902352 or check out the group’s Facebook page Amici del Baubeach.

Rome’s dog-friendly beach reopens - image 1
Rome’s dog-friendly beach reopens - image 2
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