Rome warns against football violence

Rome's mayor Ignazio Marino has admitted to being worried about the potential for violence at the upcoming AS Roma-Lazio derby at the Stadio Olimpico at 15.00 on 22 September.

The mayor made his remarks as the city draws up its security plan for the much-anticipated match between the old sporting rivals, a small portion of whose "ultra" fans, on both sides, have caused violence in the past.

However Marino also said he was sure that enthusiasm and passion would prevail on what would be a joyful day dedicated to sport. "And if there are any hotheads who want to spoil the party for thousands of people we need to be able to isolate them," he concluded.

Marino launched an appeal on both squads' radio stations, saying "Let's keep away from verbal and physical violence, especially that odious form of verbal violence that is racism. Lets demonstrate that Rome is a welcoming city that has a smile for everyone."

The mayor even posed for photographers wearing his new "bi-partisan" scarf showing the emblems of both of Rome's football teams.

However despite stressing that he didn't actively support either side Marino conceded that he had a certain fondness for the romanisti.