Rome votes No in referendum

Only two of Rome's municipal districts vote Yes in Italian referendum.

Almost 60 per cent of Romans voted against the 4 December referendum to reform the Italian constitution, which has led to the resignation of premier Matteo Renzi, in contrast to Milan where the Yes camp won by 51.1 per cent.

Voter turn-out was strong in Rome where 1.46 million people showed up at electoral booths in town halls across the city, the equivalent of almost 70 per cent of all eligible voters.

Figures released by the capital reveal that the No side won with 59.42 per cent of the vote while the Yes side registered 40.58 per cent.

The only two municipi to buck the trend and vote Yes were the city centre (50.54 per cent) and the affluent Parioli district (52.42 per cent).

The highest No vote was recorded in the disadvantaged east Rome suburb Tor Bella Monaca (70.84), followed by the coastal area Ostia with 64.65 per cent.

On the day of the referendum Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi of the anti-establishment Movimento 5 Stelle posted a picture of herself on social media, with the hashtag #IoDicoNo e voi? (I Say No, and you?).