Rome trash crisis: AMA board resigns over clash with city hall

AMA board accused Rome city council of "inertia and failure to cooperate".

The entire board of Rome's waste collection company AMA resigned on 1 October due to a dispute with the city council, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

The board, appointed in June, resigned over a clash with Rome city council over €18 million owed for cemetery services from the municipal company's 2017 budget.

Before the board's resignation, the city said it had no intention of approving "a balance sheet drawn up in an incorrect way containing assessments of accounting already previously not approved by the council."

Claiming a breakdown in trust, the outgoing AMA board accused the city of "inertia and failure to cooperate", according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The same disputed €18 million on AMA's 2017 balance sheet caused Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi to sack the previous board in February over "failure to achieve its set targets".

This move triggered the surprise resignation of the city's former environment councillor Pinuccia Montanari who claimed it jeopardised the job security of AMA's 8,000 employees.

Raggi has now appointed Stefano Zaghis as sole administrator of AMA. Zaghis is the former spokesman of Marcello De Vito, the ex-president of the city council who was jailed for alleged corruption in relation to the Rome stadium project and is still under house arrest, according to Corriere della Sera.