Rome to restore Palazzetto dello Sport

Capital approves maintenance works for Nervi sports arena.

Rome has approved a programme of maintenance works at the Palazzetto dello Sport indoor arena in the city’s Flaminio district.

The redevelopment of the sporting facility, which was built for the 1960 Olympics, follows the awarding of a €1.9 million loan to the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo (ICS).

Rome's sport councillor Daniele Frongia says that a timetable of new facilities and opening times at the Palazzetto dello Sport will be available on the Roma Capitale website from the beginning of 2017.

Inaugurated in 1957, the arena structure was designed by architect Annibale Vitellozzi while its innovative dome of reinforced concrete was designed by engineer and architect Pier Luigi Nervi.

During the 1960 Olympic Games the venue hosted several sports, notably basketball, and subsequently it hosted volleyball matches, however in recent times it has been little used.

Nervi (1891-1979) is best remembered for major projects such as Stadio Berta in Florence (today known as Stadio Artemio Franchi) and the Vatican's Paul VI Audience Hall.

Vitellozzi (1902-1990) designed the modern-day façade of Rome's Termini Station as well as being among the team of architects who oversaw the completion of the city's Olympic Stadium in 1953.