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Rome residents donate medicine, food, clothes to Ukraine

Romans respond to emergency in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian church is Rome is organising a collection of medicine, food and clothes to send to Ukraine in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion.

Italians, Ukrainians and other foreign residents of Rome are queuing up to donate basic necessities to the church of S. Sofia, on Via di Boccea 478, as part of a relief effort co-ordinated by its rector, Fr Marco Semehen.

The collection is being organised in collaboration with Caritas Ukraine, with the support of the Ukrainian embassies to Italy and to the Vatican.

Citizens and associations are actively participating in the collection in recent days by packing up food and medicines in the church grounds, ready to load into authorised vans and buses going to Ukraine.

For people in Rome who wish to help, the church has issued a list of items needed: "pasta, olive oil, sunflower oil, rice, coffee, tea, rusks, Nutella, sweet snacks, tinned tuna, canned vegetables, vacuum-sealed cheeses."

The list of medicine includes: "Oki task, Aspirin, Tachipirina (paracetomol), Ibuprofen, bandages/gauze wraps, syringes, syringes for blood clotting, elastic bandages, diapers/nappies, isothermal blankets, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, insulin (long-lasting) metformin and vitamins."

In addition to the Church of S. Sofia, there are collection points for Ukraine underway elsewhere in the Italian capital, including in Piazzale Ostiense (outside the train station), Via Nomentana 633a (Montesacro), Via Enio Bonifazi 8a (Primavalle) and Via Sestio Calvino 32 (Subaugusta).

The Salvabebè-Salvamamme Association is also organising a collection of basic necessities, outside its headquarters on Via Giacomo Raffaelli, from 10.00-17.00 every day until Wednesday 2 March.

Along with long-life non-perishable foods, the association requests donations of winter clothes, new or in perfect condition (heavy jackets, blankets), hygiene products for children (nappies, bubble baths), adult diapers, new underwear, socks, pyjamas, towels, blankets and sheets, winter clothing (scarves, jumpers, coats, duvets, clothes, warm shoes).

Photo Agnese Palmucci - Avvenire

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