Rome police clear Baobab migrant centre

Eviction of Rome's Baobab Experience to leave "hundreds" on the street.

The volunteer-run Baobab Experience migrant centre at Piazzale Maslax near Rome's Tiburtina station was cleared by police at dawn on 13 November.
The eviction of Baobab, which provides migrants with food and shelter, will leave "hundreds of people on the street," according to the centre's coordinator Andrea Costa.
The eviction - the 22nd over the last three years - was welcomed by Italy's interior minister and deputy premier Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-migrant Lega party, who claimed he was carrying out "what we promised."
Following the eviction, Baobab Experience tweeted: "This is how social issues in Rome are resolved: police and bulldozers. The 5-star City Hall is no different from previous administrations, or from the Lega. An infinite disgrace for this city."

Photo LaPresse