Rome plans new pedestrian zones

Rome extends traffic ban on Via dei Fori Imperiali

The capital plans to extend the ban of private traffic on Via dei Fori Imperiali from Largo Corrado Ricci to Piazza Venezia in the coming weeks.

This was one of a number of measures announced by town planning councillor Giovanni Caudo at the International Conference on the Promotion of Cultural Heritage, held at Rome's Casa dell’Architettura on 27 May.

The moves are part of the city's long-term pedestrianisation plan being ushered in by Rome mayor Ignazio Marino. Caudo said that Via dei Fori Imperiali would remain open to just a few public bus routes and that the ban on private traffic would not send the city "in tilt."

Other plans included creating a “pedestrian axis” from the Roman Forum up to the Bocca della Verità which Caudo said would result in an "open area in the heart of the city."

Also proposed is the creation of a new entrance to the Palatine hill, facing the Circus Maximus. Ultimately this would lead to a traffic ban on Via dei Cerchi which runs from the Mouth of Truth to Via di S. Gregorio, the street linking the Circus Maximus with the Colosseum.