Rome museums free on Sunday 2 September

Free opening of state museums could be final Domenica al Museo in Rome.

Italy's state-run museums and archaeological sites are open free of charge on 2 September, in what could be the final installment of the monthly Domenica al Museo.

In July Italy's new culture minister Alberto Bonisoli announced that would be scrapping the popular initiative - which involves the free opening of state museums on the first Sunday of each month - after this summer.

Since its launch in July 2014 #Domenicalmuseo has attracted 12 million visitors to Italy's museums, registering 3.5 million visitors in 2017 alone.

Separately, Rome's municipal-run museums are also free on 2 September - for residents of the capital - for information see Musei in Comune website.

During the summer Rome introduced the €5 MIC card granting the city's residents unlimited access to municipal museums for one year.

Full details of Domenica al Museo can be found on the Beni Culturali website while for comprehensive list of Rome's museums consult Wanted in Rome website

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