Rome mayor suggests repair café at waste facility destroyed by fire

Raggi said Rome had already planned to close the Salaria plant in 2020.

Rome's mayor Virigina Raggi has attracted criticism for her suggestion that the TMB Salaria waste treatment plant, destroyed by fire on 11 December, be transformed into a "repair cafè."
Posting on her Facebook page the mayor said that the city had already intended closing the Salaria plant in 2020 and that rebuilding and reopening the facility would "not be economically advantageous."
Instead the mayor would like to create a "recycling plant, a place where people can take objects that they no longer use, to give them new life. It can also be a meeting place, in France they call them repair cafès.''
The mayor's remarks come as the city is left with 800 extra tons of rubbish per day since the Salaria plant was devastated by fire. The Lazio Region has offered the temporary use of three of its facilities while the city considers "short and medium-term solutions", including a possible hike in bin charges.
A police investigation is underway into the cause of the fire, with sabotage and arson not being ruled out.