Rome mayor in Twitter spat with Salvini

Italy's deputy premier embroiled in social media spat with Rome mayor.

Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi and Italy's deputy premier Matteo Salvini have been involved in a spat on social media following a fatal shooting outside a playschool in the capital on 10 January.

The quarrel was triggered when Raggi, of the populist Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S), accused Salvini of not providing Rome with additional police as he promised in his role as interior minister.

Salvini, leader of the far-right Lega party, responded to Raggi by saying there would be 250 extra police officers in Rome by the end of this year, underlining his commitment to "concrete results" in comparison to "someone who just does bla bla bla."

Tweeting that everyone had their "own job to do", Salvini said Raggi should focus on tackling Rome's rubbish, transport and pothole emergencies, adding that "here in Rome there are seagulls that look like pterodactyls."

Swapping Twitter for Facebook, Raggi invited Salvini to city hall to discuss issues facing the capital, and underlined that she had hired 900 new traffic police in a year. Raggi finished with: "For two years it has always been only and exclusively #TuttaColpaDellaRaggi [It's all Raggi's fault]. Welcome to the club''.

The public spat is known to have annoyed Salvini's coalition partner and M5S leader Luigi Di Maio who reportedly said: "Why don't they sit around a table instead of tweeting?"