Rome mayor in standoff with PD party

Partito Democratico city councillors to step down as Marino withdraws resignation.

The decision by Rome's mayor Ignazio Marino to withdraw his recent resignation on 29 October, just days before the 2 November deadline to confirm his position, has caused a crisis for the ruling centre-left Partito Democratico (PD).

All 19 PD city councillors, along with six members of the opposition, have agreed to resign. Those numbers would make the requisite 25 votes (a majority of the 48-member city council plus one) to bring down the defiant mayor.

Confirmation of the resignation of PD councillors came following a long meeting with the party's president, Matteo Orfini, to make sure that all party members resign from the council. Orfini is said to have the full backing of party secretary and premier Matteo Renzi who has refused to negotiate directly with the mayor.

Marino wants a proper vote in the council and has called for an "open, frank and transparent" debate to illustrate "the positive things, the mistakes and the vision for the future".

In the last ten days supporters of Marino, who resigned earlier this month over an expenses scandal, have staged two demonstrations in his favour at city hall.

Photo La Repubblica