Rome mayor faces no-confidence motion over traffic fines

Marino in hot water over alleged traffic fine irregularities

The ongoing debacle involving the mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino and his non-payment of eight parking fines has taken a new twist after an opposition politician accused the mayor of manipulating data in the city's computerised traffic permit system.

An investigation by Rome prosecutors has begun after Marino alleged someone doctored the online data to make it appear he hadn't paid traffic fines for driving his red Fiat Panda into Rome's historic centre without a valid Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) permit.

The eight €80 fines were imposed in June and July after the mayor allegedly forgot to renew his ZTL permit. Marino said someone hacked into the system and deleted his authorisation to drive his red Fiat Panda to work while his permit was being renewed.

However the Nuovo Centro Destra (NCD) claimed it was Marino himself who changed the data, and said the party is preparing to file a no-confidence motion in the mayor on 13 November.

Marino reacted by convening an emergency meeting with the city council, the majority of which rallied round him, stating: “It is quite clear that the mayor of Rome has been the target of a politically motivated attack over a mere administrative oversight in the process of having his ZTL permit renewed.”

The incident came to light after NCD senator Andrea Augelio accused authorities of cancelling the fines as a favour to Marino. Augelio says he received the information from an anonymous source.