Rome illuminates Palatine hill

Rome's Palatine monuments floodlit after 13 years in the dark.

The archaeological monuments on Rome's Palatine hill are now illuminated at night, after 13 years of darkness, thanks to a new permanent lighting system.

The Palatine monuments are also floodlit internally but the illumination is most impressive on the exterior facing the Circus Maximus.

The new lighting system is the result of an initiative by the city and ACEA, the municipal authority in charge of supplying Rome with electricity and water. 

Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi described the Palatine's new lights as giving "renewed splendour to this jewel of our city."

The lighting sheme also includes other Rome monuments such as the archaeological area of the Circus Maximus and the Piramide Cestia together with its adjacent Porta S. Paolo.

Photo La Repubblica