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Paola Cortellesi receives Rome's highest honour

Rome awards Cortellesi the Lupa Capitolina.

Rome actress Paola Cortellesi on Tuesday received the Lupa Capitolina, the city's top honour, following the smash-hit success of her directorial debut C’è ancora domani.

Rome's mayor Roberto Gualtieri welcomed Cortellesi to a crowded Giulio Cesare hall where he presented her with the prestigious award.

"You have been able to tell the story of our city in many films and we are happy to give you this Lupa at a beautiful moment in your career, in which you have created a film that is enjoying unprecedented success with the public", Gualtieri said in reference to C’è ancora domani.

Paying tribute to her family, Cortellesi said she was honoured to receive the award, adding: "I am particularly honoured because I am Roman, because this is my home."

In a post on X, Gualtieri said the award was in recognition of Cortellesi's "precious artistic contribution and her deep bond with Rome", thanking her for "helping us to better understand who we are".

Cortellesi's black and white movie, whose title in English is There's Still Tomorrow, has become one of the top 10 highest-grossing Italian films ever in Italy's cinemas since its release last October.

The neorealist-style movie follows the domestic struggles of an abused housewife in post-war Rome, confronting issues related to patriarchy and women's empowerment.

The film struck a particular chord in Italy following the brutal murder of student Giulia Cecchettin last November and helped to spur a national debate on violence against women.

Photo Roma Capitale

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