Visitors to Rome can now buy useful three-day discount cards to museums and public transport. Thanks to a new initiative backed up the city council, the ministry of fine art and culture and the city public transport company ATAC, the 18 Roma Pass allows entry to two sites or museums without paying, and then reductions on entry to successive museums and sites and special reductions on entry to exhibitions and events. The pass also includes a transport card for three days use of transport on city buses, metro and local trains to Ostia Lido, Sacrofano to the north of the city and Pantano to the east. Roma Pass also comes complete with a map of Rome, a pass guide, with a list of all the museums and sites, and a copy of Roma News with information of events, exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance and tourist services.

The Roma Pass can be purchased at tourist information points, in hotels, at ATAC ticket offices, from newsstands, and tobacconists. For information see

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